If you are considering a move to Good Shepherd Community, you should be aware of one of our unique benefits — having access to physical therapy in your home. Good Shepherd has contracted with PTI (Physical Therapy Institute) so you can get the assistance you need in the most convenient way possible. PTI is not limited to physical therapy, but can provide occupational, and speech therapy as well. Their free screening will determine whether you are deficit in strength, range of motion, balance, coordination, or why pain could be limiting your mobility so that your physical therapy plan is tailored to your needs. PTI also has a fall prevention program if you are at risk for falling. Their services bill your Medicare Part A or B plan for payment.

Recently we were told by a Good Shepherd resident and patient of PTI, “I didn’t realize how important therapy was. It [PTI therapy] has helped me regain strength and it is very convenient. I just love it.”