Beanbag baseball is growing in popularity among the senior community. In fact, you might be surprised to learn

there are quite a few teams, tournaments, and even an annual ‘Olympics’ for beanbag baseball players. Good Shepherd proudly boasts its own team, the Good Shepherd Warriors. They are newly formed this year, but have done quite well despite their newcomer status.

You may be asking yourself, “what is beanbag baseball?” Each player gets three strikes, or beanbag tosses, which they attempt to throw through the certain openings on the beanbag baseball board. The openings are labeled: foul, out, first, second, third, and of course, the coveted homerun. If, for instance, a player’s beanbag is thrown through the second base opening, the player walks to second base (the bases are chairs placed behind the beanbag board). Of course, they must touch first base on the way to second. In fact, if you know the rules for regular baseball, you know the rules for beanbag baseball.

Our team has a little green bear that they pass around. It not only reminds them of whose turn it is, but they consider it good luck and he gets lots of good-luck pats and rubs!

People of almost any ability can play; that is part of the beauty of the game. If you are not able to walk the base yourself, you can have an alternate walk them in your place. Our team has regular practices which not only means they are regularly active, but also that they are being social. The comradarie and friendly, but competitive, spirit they show during the games makes it fun to watch. There is whooping and high-fiving going on throughout the game! If you ever have the chance, watch a beanbag baseball game. You will find yourself wanting to give it a try! #senior fitness #seniorretirement #independentliving #seniorslovebeanbagbaseball