On November 1, 2019, Good Shepherd Community gathered for a cross dedication near the banks of Fisher’s Lake. The 30-ft cross was donated to Good Shepherd by ACCESS Group, Inc. after it purchased the former First Christian Church property on Mississippi Street, where the cross was originally installed in the early 1960s. “This iconic cross stands as a reminder of our mission to follow the path of The Good Shepherd and provide safe, affordable homes for the elders in our community,” said Mark Davis, CEO of Good Shepherd.

The cross was removed from the ACCESS property and eventually made its way to Good Shepherd on a large flatbed truck.  It was hoisted via crane, lowered, and bolted into place among  the trees overlooking Good Shepherd’s Fisher’s Lake.

The monument reads:

The Cross of First Christian Church Little Rock
Is given by ACCESS in celebration of Good Shepherd Community’s 40th Anniversary
All Saints Day 2019

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