Having Fun and Staying Active in Senior Living

Everyone knows that staying active leads to many health benefits and quality of life as we age.  But, not everyone enjoys exercising.  The secret to sticking with exercise are making sure it is something you enjoy and having friends to do it with.  Beanbag Baseball is growing in popularity amongst seniors and a group of residents at Good Shepherd have formed at team called the WARRIORS!  They are a fun bunch who work hard at their game with frequent practice.  Beanbag baseball is played just like real baseball, but instead of batting a ball, beanbags are tossed into holes (hopefully) labeled first, second, third, and homerun.  However, there are also slots for "foul" and "out".  And don't forget, three strikes and YOU'RE OUT! If a player, for instance, tosses their bag through the "third base" slot, they then walk the "bases", which are actually strategically placed chairs labeled "1st", "2nd", and "3rd".  There's no hurry to get to the bases, just a casual stroll, but each "base" must be touched.  Of course, the homerun is the most difficult slot to master, but when a play throws a homerun, teammates jump to their feet and erupt with shouts of joy with lots of high-fiving in between.  Our team has a lucky green teddy bear that each player pats or rubs for good luck.  The bottom line, is they are staying active, participating, and most of all having fun! #seniorliving #retirementcommunity #independentliving


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Good Shepherd exists to provide a quality, affordable living experience in a faith-based community and is committed to maintaining the independence, well-being and dignity of all our residents.

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Our friendly, professional staff is here to support the health, safety and independence of our residents. From menu planning and fitness training to local excursions and chapel services, the staff at Good Shepherd will help you find everything you’re looking for as a member of our community.

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