Be Creative!

Good Shepherd has many talented individuals living in our midst, including some talented painters. Painting is a good activity for seniors. Aside from the pleasure it brings, painting has many physical, mental, spiritual, and social benefits as well. Art makes us more human; it helps us to communicate in a different, personal language and nurtures our well-being. It is therapeutic and provides a mental rest that lowers stress and generates relaxation and happy feelings. Working in a non-competitive, relaxed environment can strengthen individuality and self-esteem. Learning to hold and handle a brush and/or pencil will help improve coordination because it regulates hand movements and stimulates brain connections. It brings concentration and healing and can actually pull our focus away from physical and emotional pain. Painting distracts us from our problems thereby promoting mental health. Painting can bolster our emotional intelligence; it helps create harmony between the heart and mind, which leads us to experience happiness, love, empathy, and peace. Painting is fun; we laugh, socialize, learn, feel motivated, and develop art appreciation and a sense of culture. 

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Brain Boost for Book Lovers

People often say the book is better than the movie. Scientists who study brain function agree. Research shows processing information by reading it gives you more of a mental workout than simply watching it unfold on a screen. Reading activates your imagination and insight. Exercise yours on National Book Lovers' Day, Aug 9th. 

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The Power of Flowers

You've probably heard the old saying “Stop and smell the roses.” Researchers confirm that taken literally, it’s good advice. The scent of fresh flowers or floral scents in general can boost your mood, lower stress and even encourage friendliness. If you don’t favor these fragrances, simply taking in the color of flowers can kindle positive emotions. Pastel-colored varieties tend to make people feel more relaxed, while bold colors are energizing. Good Shepherd’s campus is full of flowers. Not only do we have professionally landscaped areas, but also plantings by our own residents. There are gardening groups at the Cottages, Moore, and Rhinehart buildings, as well as gardening enthusiasts in The Cove building. The Roberts building has a mixture of plantings along both sides of their front walkway. Don’t forget all the lovely plantings maintained by residents on their own balconies. Altogether, our community offers myriad opportunities to enjoy the power of flowers. 

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Wii Bowling: More than Just a Game

A growing number of seniors are playing video games, according to This increased interest in video games is a positive trend because they have real social, health, and brain benefits. 

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October 2014 Update

Breast Cancer Awareness
October 4th is this years’ Arkansas Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure, that is a Saturday, Downtown Little Rock. For more information click here and look for ‘Watch Komen TV’ – this is an award-winning, quarterly broadcast about the work we do daily and the people who make it possible for us to advance breast cancer re-search, community health, advocacy and our global mission to end this terrible disease, (2014, Susan G. Komen Organization, official site). 

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The Cottages at Good Shepherd


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Our Mission

Good Shepherd exists to provide a quality, affordable living experience in a faith-based community and is committed to maintaining the independence, well-being and dignity of all our residents.

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About Our Staff

Our friendly, professional staff is here to support the health, safety and independence of our residents. From menu planning and fitness training to local excursions and chapel services, the staff at Good Shepherd will help you find everything you’re looking for as a member of our community.

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